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Gender Medicine is a compulsory part of all curricula offered at the Medical University of Innsbruck. An overview of the course offerings and course content can be found at:
Gender Medicine Course Offerings MUI
Course Offerings MUI.



Nursing Professions

At Ausbildungszentrum West der tirol kliniken and at fh gesundheit Gender Medicine is integrated in the course offerings for registered nurses and in the Bachelor‘s and Master’s degree programs for the allied health professions.
Gender and Diversity at fh gesundheit: Ausbildungszentrum West für Gesundheitsberufe
FH Gesundheit


ÖÄK-Diploma in Gender Medicine

The ÖÄK course program will start at a later date.


  • The participants learn the latest status quo of evidence-based research on Gender Medicine and analyze the impact these findings have on prevention, diagnosis and therapy for women and men.
  • Current medical recommendations are examined to see whether scientific questions were assessed separately for women and men and whether these findings have been properly incorporated into clinical medicine.
  • Moreover, special attention is given to a gender-sensitive approach to patients and to the ability to deal with the special needs of women and men in a doctor-patient conversation.

Target Group

Physicians for General Medicine and all specializations

ÖÄK Diploma Guideline Gender Medizin


Module 1 • Introduction to Gender Medicine
• Women’s Health – Men’s Health
Module 2 • Gastroenterology
• Nephrology
Module 3 • Endocrinology/Metabolism
Module 4 • Sexuality and Reproduction
Module 5 • Cardiology
Module 6 • Pharmacology
Module 7 • Emergency Medicine
Module 8 • Psychiatry
• Addiction – Nicotine, Alcohol, Narcotics, Stress
Module 9 • Physician-Patient Conversation
• Prevention
Module 10 • Public Health
• Conclusion
Head of Diploma Program: Margarethe Hochleitner
Medical University of Innsbruck

Organization and Attendance

10 two-day modules
Course times: Saturdays, 10:00–18:00 h, Sundays, 8:00–16:00 h
Place: Medical University of Innsbruck, Medical University of Vienna

The modules can be attended in the framework of the ÖAK Diploma or individually as post-graduate training:

Diploma: 160 DFP
Individual module: 16 DFP

Contact: Mag.a Ulrike Nachtschatt

Medical University of Innsbruck, Innrain 52, tel +43 512 9003 71851,
mail: ulrike.nachtschatt[at]

Requirements for Participation and Program Completion
Terms and Conditions

Venue Innsbruck:
Site plan
List of hotels

Venue Vienna: (to be provided)
Site Plan, List of hotels



EUGiM – Gender Medicine 2009 – 2011

Erasmus Curriculum Development Project

The difference in the way the female and the male body reacts as well as the different way women and men deal with illness is recognizable in the field of medicine at the level of symptoms, diagnosis and the effect of medication. Research into these gender factors provides the basis for targeted treatment. In Europe, the current state of knowledge and of research do not go hand in hand with each other. Broad fields have not yet been examined for gender-specific factors.

The aim of EUGiM was to draw up two modules that would integrate Gender Medicine into the regular medical school curriculum. These modules were tested on medical students at two summer schools in Berlin and Sassar as well as at Charité and the Semmelweis University in Budapest. The modules and the definition of the study concept were drawn up according to Bologna criteria and are adaptable for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree as well as PhD programs. Following the project each of the seven partner universities is working on implementation of the modules at their own university.

In addition to drawing up the content of the Gender Medicine aspects for Oncology and Preventive Medicine, the Medical University of Innsbruck elaborated the study concept as well as a manual for implementation and dissemination of Gender Medicine. Gender Medicine is not only a compulsory component of medical school education and part of the ring lecture series, but has also been integrated into the curricula for Molecular Medicine (bachelor’s degree) and Clinical Medicine (PhD). In the framework of the Generic Competences module the course Gender and Medicine for Doctoral Students of the Natural Sciences, Psychology and Pharmacy is held in cooperation with the University of Innsbruck.

Seven medical partner universities from six European countries took part in the project.